Appeal for Temple Chariot - SSSVM, Delhi-91, India.


Appeal for Temple Car (Rath) for



It has been decided to go in for a mini-Temple Car to go round the Temple premises carrying the sacred idols on auspicious & important occasions as follows:

1. Pradosham
2. Sankatahara Chaturthi
3. Navarathri days
4. Hanuman Chaleesa chanting ,etc. 

The existing make-shift arrangement has long served its purpose and in keeping with the general development of the Temple, this also needs a corresponding up-gradation. The Temple Car would be sleek, elegant and utility oriented which would present a majestic appearance on such occasions, when numerous pious devotees would be following in religious fervour, when the Temple Car perambulates the Temple premises thrice carrying the sacred idols. The dimensions of the Temple Car are as follows:



Total Height 8’ 
Length 3.1’ (37”) 
Breadth 2.6’ (30”) 


Other dimensions will depend on the space available in the corridor of the Temple for manoeuvring the Rath. 

The Temple Car would be made out of seasoned Ebony or Teak Wood of I class quality and the same would be done with wood carving, artistic niceties by highly skilled and competent craftsmen of South who are specialists in such works. There will also be pair of brass chains for enabling more number of devotees to haul the Temple Car in a gradual pace. The approximate cost works out to Rs.8 Lac and delivery period will be 6 to 8 months from the date of placement of order. As this is going to be a single time investment, every care would be taken to ensure its quality, utility and aesthetic appearance. Devotees are requested to contribute liberally towards this project, so that the same can be launched during the currency of the Silver Jubilee Year 2013-2014.


Cheques can be drawn in favour of:-


And mailed to the address mentioned below:-

Mayur Vihar, Phase-1,
Delhi-110091 (India). 

(Land) 011 - 22758973, 011 - 22756362 mail

Executive Committee - SSSVM

Dated: 10 Nov 2012
Delhi - 91 


PS. The original appeal was made 2 years back but due to various other developments the project could not be pursued and was kept in abeyance.